Project Name
El Valle de Anton

El Valle de Anton

El Valle de Anton is located in the Cocle province of Panama. It is surrounded by beautiful virgin greenery and foggy mountains that are the result of a once active volcano. Home to the nationally recognizable India Dormida mountain as well as natural hot springs, the site has been incredibly popular for decades among affluent Panamanians. The De Obaldia group manages 2 large properties in this area, both along the Avenida de los Millonarios.

The first is a family home in a 1 hectare large territory. It includes 2 main buildings, a large pool with a jacuzzi and natural waterfall, and incredibly ample living areas interspaced by decades old trees and wildlife. Every single area of the property has incredible views of its surroundings as nature blends into the different living spaces the property boasts. As Panamanians know, the air is just a bit cooler and easier to breath as you settle into the old school architecture of El Valle. However, The De Obaldia group focused on modernizing and rebuilding the older home, a project which has included more present day furnishings, a new jacuzzi which is conveniently roofed under the first main building, and many other redesigns that have since given new life to the already incredible home.

The second property is a 24 hectare land along the same avenue. This land shares the same astonishing earthly views, is intercut with natural hot springs and wildlife, and is among the only flat leveled territories in El Valle. Though largely undeveloped as of the moment, our group has focused on positioning the area for use in the near future, as permits and plans have been processed with professional architects in the United States with a vision of transforming this already incredible scenery into one of the more desirable living areas in the whole country. The vision for this plan includes a country club style development, with a goal of 200 individual housing units surrounding a spacious 18 hole golf course. Additionally, these plans include a spa, sauna, gym, a wellness cafe, and recreational sports facilities, all of which would still leave space for the natural and untouched areas to take up 40 percent of the available land.

  • 25 Hectares of land with flat terrain

  • Natural hot springs and abundant vegetation

  • Plans and permits to develop an estate of 200 homes, a country club and 18-hole golf course