2014 - Present
Project Name
Tropic Star Lodge
Piñas Bay, Darien

Tropic Star Lodge

In 1963, the world-famous fishing destination now known as Tropic Star Lodge, was opened as "Club de Pesca", the luxurious private fishing club of oil-tycoon Ray Smith.

In the ensuing years, more than 350 World Records and numerous Junior Angler World Records have been set at Panama’s internationally known Tropic Star Lodge – more than any place in the world.

The areas notoriety grew rapidly. Sports Illustrated did a feature on the lodge in 1963, showcasing the tremendous fishing opportunities to an entirely new international audience. In the mid-1960s, a Hollywood film producer shot a short documentary on the lodge and its fishing, attracting the attention of even more people. Over the years, numerous articles and TV shows have been written and filmed about the lodge and the incredible fishing found in the water of Piñas Bay. The area remains wild and remote, much the same as it was those many years ago. Conservation efforts to keep the rainforest in tact is a huge focus point and responsibility.

Our group acquired Tropic Star in 2014, and in 2016, initiated comprehensive transformation of both the management and the structure of the business, under the leadership of president Carlos De Obaldia. 

Since then, various updates and changes have been made. A brand new waterfront bar/restaurant, a full-treatment spa, and a presidential villa are amongst the new build additions, while the pool area, rooms, back of house, and villa accommodation has all been recently renovated. These investments have transformed the lodge from a comfortable fishing trip experience, to a world-class luxury resort.

  • 12 double-occupancy rooms, 4 villas, and 2 large deluxe villas

  • Fleet of 19 sport fishing boats

  • Fully operational premium fishing resort, with occupancy 11 months of the year