2021 - Present
Project Name
Tropic Star Residences
Piñas Bay, Darien

Tropic Star Residences

Sharing a location with the world-famous Tropic Star Lodge, the Tropic Star Residences project is an exclusive development comprised of 3 estates. As a project with a key focus on sustainability, the number of units have been limited to ensure harmonious integration into the natural rain forest surroundings.  

The Resort Villas are located adjacent to Tropic Star Lodge, with the estate made up of 11 Tropical 3-Bedroom Villas. Each villa boasts ample wide-open spaces, making use of wood, glass and natural stone to ensure only the best quality construction. With imported finishes, luxurious furnishings, and spectacular views, the Resort Villas are already proving to be high in demand. 

The next phase of the development will be The Marina Homes, also located adjacent to Tropic Star Lodge. This estate is similarly exclusive, with only 11 villas being constructed. The 3-bedroom home will also include an adjoining guest suite, making 4 bedrooms total. This has been designed with boat owners in mind, allowing for separate captains' quarters.

Select owners within both the Resort and Marina estates will be given the opportunity to have their home included as Tropic Star Lodge inventory, with a rental profit-share model in place. This will be limited to a certain amount of villas.

The final phase of development The Private Residences will be comprised of 28 homes, scattered within the 5000 hectare property. These homes will be custom built by our expert development team, based on the preferences of the owners. 

  • 3 luxury estates in the pristine rain forest

  • Exclusive investment opportunity with limited development

  • Owner benefits include access to a world-famous fishery, resort amenities and more